Prompt ai makes Slack a self-service powerhouse.

Bring seamless support to your end users - connect Prompt ai to Slack.

Prompt ai at a glance

Prompt ai provides instant solutions to your end user IT questions or, if Prompt ai is stumped, allows them to submit a ticket directly through Slack.

Connect to Slack in 3 quick steps:

By adding the Prompt ai bot to Slack your end users can quickly access all of your company’s self-service content and even create support tickets right from Slack. Once you enable the Prompt ai app, all end user requests will be tracked in your Prompt ai agent interface, in real-time, giving you support insights and trends you never had before.

Access Prompt ai in Slack
  1. In Slack, under Apps, click Browse Apps (the plus sign).
  2. On the Browse Apps page, locate the Prompt ai app and click it.
Authorize Prompt ai in your Slack workspace
  1. If not already logged in to Slack, you will be prompted to log in. NOTE: the user needs admin rights
  2. Authorize the Prompt ai app.
  3. You’ll be redirected back to Prompt ai, make any changes and save configuration
Enable the Slack integration in Prompt ai
  1. Log into your Prompt ai account. If you don't have an account, you can sign up for a free trial.
  2. Navigate to Integrations > Messaging and select Slack
  3. Click the Add to Slack button

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